Monday, October 17, 2016


Hey everybody!

This last week has been a really amazing one!  I have almost no time to email today because of some weird circumstances, but I'll do my best to fill you in a little bit!  

I had a pretty rotten thing happen this last week.  I was an idiot, and left my iPad on top of the car and then drove off.  It's way beyond repair, and as upset as I was about the money it'll cost to replace it, I was more upset about the pictures and videos that I had lost on there. I was pretty upset to begin with, but after a little while, I started to remember that temporal things just aren't that important.  When I started to see things in the eternal perspective, I remembered  that I didn't really come out on a mission to come home with a bunch of cool pictures, or an iPad, I went on a mission to help bring others closer to Christ.  I've actually had a pretty good couple of days since the accident, and even though I obviously wish I could go back and change what happened, because I still feel really stupid about it, I'm at the very least at peace with what happened.

On to better things - Eva got baptized!  It was probably the most spiritual baptism service I've ever attended!  Not only was it amazing to see Eva and the changes she had made, but she was also able to see all of her children that she hadn't seen in a year and a half at the service! Needless to say it was an emotional day.
In other news, I'm being transferred!  It was a big shock! We were both pretty sure that it was going to be Elder Branning who was leaving, but I guess you just never know.  It's hard to describe my emotions.  As seems to usually be the case, I'm absolutely devastated to be leaving, but also very excited about my new assignment!  I've been called to serve in the Templeview YSA Ward, which covers 3 stakes!  I'll be with Elder Tupou, who is a great missionary.  It's going to be really strange covering a young single adult ward.  There are only 2 in the mission that are covered by elders.  One by the AP's, and the other by the zone leaders in the Central/Sunrise zone.  It's going to be interesting, but I'm excited!  

Hopefully I'll get another chance to send off more of an email later, but if not, here's this at least!  I love you all! 

Elder Excell

P.S. Thankfully, I've had a wonderful companion willing to share a few pictures and he will be sending them soon...

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