Monday, October 3, 2016

Great Things Happening!

Hey everybody! 

This last week has been a good one! 

The weather has been really cooling down! When Elder Branning and I went outside this morning, it was 68 degrees, and we were both tempted to go back inside and grab some jackets! I may be in trouble for my first winter home...

We got some really great news on Monday night this last week! Some of you may remember me talking about a 15 year old kid named Michael. He's been our most solid investigator for quite a while, and is an amazing kid, but because he was really involved with gangs in the past and has had a rough upbringing, there were some things that needed to be sent off for approval before he could get baptized. We've been waiting for quite a while, and this last Monday, we finally got word that he's been cleared! He's been doing amazing, and he's so excited to be baptized! He'll be baptized this Thursday. 

Eva has also been doing really well! She's still excited about the 15th, and despite some major hardships and trials, she's still doing great! 

On top of that, general conference was amazing! It's always so great to hear from the prophet and the apostles.

Not much more time for writing today, but I love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Q&A - 10/3/2016

1.) When is your next zone conference? -- We just had one this last week. We have another one in 3 months, but we have a zone training counsel at the end of next week. We'll also have interviews before our next zone conference.

2.) What was your favorite talk/s from General Conference? (There were several that stood out to me, but one of my favorites was one I listened to this last week that I had missed from the women's session since we were cheering at Zack's MMA. If you haven't had the chance to read/listen to Elder Uchtdorf's "Fourth Floor, Last Door", I highly recommend it!!)  -- I had a couple favorites!  I really like President Uchtdorf's Saturday morning talk. It really is true how often we take the simple truths of the gospel for granted. I also really like Elder Andersen's, Elder Oak's, and President Eyring's in the priesthood session.  Also, as a side note, the story that Elder Holland told in his priesthood session talk, about the father who lost his son, is about a family from this mission. Elder Branning was actually in the family's ward when it happened! Crazy to have something that close to home pop up in conference!

3.) Did you have good company during General Conference? Hoping so!! -- Not as much as we would have liked, but still a couple of people that really needed and enjoyed conference!

4.) What are you most looking forward to this week? -- We have MLC this week, which is always a great chance to hear from President Snow!

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