Monday, October 31, 2016

A Drunk Guy Almost Punched Me

Hey everybody!

Not a lot of time today, so I'll have to keep it short but still try to include some stuff! 

This last week has been pretty great! Elder Timothy J Dykes visited our mission. He's a seventy, and had some really great insights. It was also really great to see most of the rest of the mission, because we all got together for his visit. Especially enjoyed seeing Elder Branning, Elder Andersen, and Elder Dixon. (Elder Aitchison went to a different conference.) 

In other news, a drunk guy almost punched me the other night! It was definitely a little crazy, but nothing ended up really happening. Elder Tupou and I were just walking and talking to some people late last night, and we came across a couple of drunk guys. We talked to them for five or ten minutes, but could see it wasn't going anywhere. When I said, "well, we have to get running", one of them got really upset with us. He started getting really angry and shouting at us, and his friend held him back so that he wouldn't hit me. It was pretty crazy, but I'm fine, and nothing really happened. Just one of those crazy Vegas stories! 

I hope all of you are doing well! Sorry I don't have time to write more!

I love you all!

Elder Excell

Elder Tupou and Elder Excell
Q&A - 10/31/2016

1.) Thank you, for sending us the audio file of your musical number with Elder Branning!! I loved hearing you play the piano again and have listened to it dozens of times this week! Is this an arrangement that you wrote or was it from a book that you have there with you? It was incredibly well done!! Both piano and voice!! -- It was a lot of fun to perform with him! Definitely a great way to end the transfer.

2.) Did you find some time to take pictures of your patriotic apartment?  --  Shoot! I forgot! Next week for sure.

3.) How are things going with Elder Tupou? Are you adjusting to a new companion?  --  Were getting along really well!

4.) What was your biggest challenge this week?  --  I actually got the chance to go on exchanges in a Spanish area for the first time. Not gonna lie, it was really confusing. Not sure how those missionaries who have to learn a foreign language do it! I was just really lost and confused the whole day. I did manage to learn how to pray in Spanish before the end of the exchange though!

5.) What was your biggest success of the week?  --  This was not necessarily this week, but just in general. I've got a couple of baptisms coming up that we are really excited about! We should have one this Thursday, and another on November 19. Really excited for both of them!

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