Monday, May 22, 2017

Quick Letter Home

Hey, this will have to be short because I'm running out of battery! I forgot to plug my iPad in last night! 

This last week has been good! We met lots of great people who seem really prepared! We met a man who had previously been homeless for 23 years, but just recently got into a home about a year ago. He's been wandering around Vegas going to different chapels for the last 15 years, and knows a ton about the gospel, as well as about half of the bishops and stake presidents in the valley! 

Elder Holmes and I are really excited to be staying together and work hard until the end! 

I hope all is well back home! I love you all!
Elder Excell
Surprise Text Message Picture from Lexi,
a convert baptized in August 2016 by Elder Wightman
who was a member of the Temple View Ward where
Elder Excell served.  We love getting these surprise
greetings from the good people of Las Vegas!
Q&A -- 5/22/17
1.) Best moment of the week?  --  We had a really cool chance to go to a family search library in our area for a proselyting activity! It's one of only 14 in the world, and it's really huge! Our investigator Angela is really interested in family history, and was able to find some information about her long lost grandfather! And we even got to learn how to do family history better ourselves! I found a couple of names to reserve!

2.) What are you most looking forward to in the week ahead?  --  It may not be in the coming week, but I just found out about it recently. For missionaries who will be departing soon after President Snow leaves, he won't have time to do departing interviews with each person, but if you can get together a group of 4-5, he's going to do some group departing interviews where he'll give all of the advice he normally gives in departing interviews!

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