Monday, May 15, 2017

A Few Pictures After Mother's Day

Our District!
Q&A -- 5/15/17

1.) Do you have lots of new missionaries coming into your district this transfer? Does that mean any additional responsibilities for you when you do get new missionaries? -- Not really, other than making sure they make it to their new area ok.
2.) What will you be doing today for P-day? --  We visited a member and he showed us his massive collection of Star Wars action figures, haha. (Notice his awesome He-man shirt - haha)
3.) Are phone calls home a boost for you or do they tend to make you nostalgic and homesick? I know they affect people differently...  --  This one was kind of weird. Normally I feel sort of sad afterwards, but his time I didn't really feel that way at all. It will just be a little while before I see everyone again!
I'm sending a video of Elder Holmes and one of our new little friends.  We like hanging out with them a lot!

Sometimes we get random homeless people staying outside the chapel.

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