Monday, May 8, 2017

Pictures from the Field

97 degrees compared to blizzards in Idaho
Hey everybody! 

First off, the weather report. I had heard from my Mom last Monday there had been a small blizzard in Rexburg, and just thought I'd help everyone to appreciate the weather contrast!  It actually jumped up over 100 for the first time this year last week! The crazy thing is, in another month or so, 100 degrees will be a nice cool day! Almost even scarier is the fact that when the temperatures dipped back in the low 70s for a day or two, I wanted to start wearing a jacket! This next winter might be difficult.

In other news, I've started frequenting the Hispanic food carts that roll around Las Vegas! They come in all shapes and sizes, from big white vans to big carts somehow fastened to bicycles. But they all use the same old fashioned bike horns to get people's attention as they drive around. If you hear honking, you know there's one close! My two favorite options are the mango on a stick, or the elote, known to white people as street corn, or ghetto corn. They smother the corn in this stuff called crema that's kind of like mayo, and then cover it in butter, Parmesan cheese, and chili powder. So good! The mango is cool too, but I'm not a fan of getting everything on it. Who would want to ruin a perfectly good mango with chili powder and hot Sauce? But it is cool that they peel it and cut it into a cool shape right in front of you!

This last weekend was a baptism in Robindale! His name is Eric Ridenour, and I think I've mentioned him before. It was really cool to get to see him finally be baptized! Neither of his parents are members, but his step mom is. It was so cool to see both of his parents here to support him though! And his dad even gave a really nice prayer at the end of the baptism!
Eric and all the missionaries who taught him
It was also really cool to see some people from Robindale! I didn't get much of a chance to say goodbye when I left, so it was good to see everyone!
Robindale friends: Landon, Brice Cook (aka the Big Cookie), and Amber

I'm sending some pictures of us with our African friends. The last one is of them with a member who came to let them ride their horses for FHE! It's been quite a struggle to remember all of the names. Here are a few: Theogene, Mitamba, Rehema, Fazila, Ajebu, Abebo, Kabango, etc. They're so much fun though!  I really like spending time with them!

It's been another great week in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission! 
I love you all! 
Elder Excell

Q&A -- 05/08/2017
1.)  I might be getting a little antsy, but have you been given an official release date? Have you gotten travel plans?  --  I just found out on Saturday ( I was having a temple recommend interview with President) that my official release date is July 19! No specific travel plans yet.  Those will probably come about 6 weeks before.

2.)  When you forwarded the email from the Sister in the office who arranges travel, I noticed that one of the questions was which airport you'd like to fly into. I'm curious, how did you answer that?  --  I answered Salt Lake.  I'm looking forward to taking a drive through Logan Canyon on the way home!

3.)  So, our Mother's Day call!!!!!  What time works best for you?  --  4:00 (5:00 your time) should work for me and you should be home from church by then.  Let's plan on that.

4.)  What event from this past week will you want to remember for a long time?  --  Eric's baptism!  More details in the letter.

PS - We visited a pawn shop today that you might recognize!
It's in our area. Cool p-day sightseeing.


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