Monday, December 5, 2016

Working Hard and Loving It

Hey Ma and Pops!

I've got just a little while to write, so I figured I'd better sieze the opportunity!

This last week has been crazy!  I’ll tell you about the first part of the week just to try to give you an idea of what's gone on. The first week of the transfer is always extra crazy for the AP’s so we’ve been running non-stop. Every Monday morning, we have a meeting with President and Sister Snow, as well as the Mission Sister Training Leaders. (One of the MSTL's is Camry Erickson from Pocatello!) We discuss the state of the mission for a few hours, and then President and Sister Snow take us out to lunch. We were able to do a few normal p-day things, and then we went to proselyte in the evening.  Each night, there's a lot of stuff that needs to be done in the office. For example, putting together agendas and preparing for meetings, managing miles for the mission, and all kinds of other administrative things.

On Tuesday, we took the departing missionaries to the temple, had a meeting for all of the new leaders in the mission this transfer, and then had a departing testimony meeting for all of the departing missionaries. It was all back-to-back with no time in between! Then, after the departing testimonies, there was a "last supper" for all of them at the mission home. We then went out and proselyted in the evening.

On Wednesday, we dropped off the departing missionaries at the airport, and then picked up the new missionaries coming in. That came with its own challenge, because they all came in on different flights, at different times, and some of the flights changed part way through the day, and we were running around to different terminals trying to find missionaries. It was definitely an adventure. We spent some time at the mission home while all the new missionaries were being interviewed by President Snow and then helped to get everyone to their new areas. It was a busy day, but I really liked being able to help all the new missionaries.

And, that’s just the first part of the week! There are tons of things that keep us extremely busy every day, but I love it and am happy. 

Thanks for all you do for me!  Love you lots!

Q&A - 12/5/2016
1.) Is it hard for you to go to testimony meetings for departing missionaries? Does it make you trunky or does it just make you want to work harder so you can depart with no regrets?  --  I actually really enjoyed it.  Definitely more of the second one than the first. It's really cool to be able to see other missionaries finish their missions, and it definitely gives me a strong desire to work hard so I can go home with no regrets!

2.) Did you get your bike moved? I'm guessing you're not really using it much these days. Do you have a good safe place to store it?  --  Yep! My bike is in my new apartment!

3.) Do you get to work pretty closely with the senior couples who work in the mission office in different capacities?  --  Yep! There's a couple of different senior couples that we get to work with. There's the Brewsters, who are in charge of vehicles and phones; the Kalmes's, who are in charge of housing, and Sister Addington, the secretary for the mission office. Also, Sister Stubbs and Sister Stephens, who are in charge of baptismal forms and referrals.  I really like working with all of them!

4.) Favorite moment of the week?  --  New Leadership Training.  That was on Tuesday.  It's the chance that we, here in the office, have to train the new district leaders and sister training leaders.  It was an especially spiritual meeting for me, and I felt like I was really able to make a difference for some of them, and inspire them as leaders! At least I hope I did!  I really want to do all I can to help them. That's definitely one of my favorite things about being in the office now is that I get the chance to build up and train others.  Anytime I get to work with individuals on a personal basis, I like that the most! Although, I also really like some of the administrative stuff that we do in the office as well.  I've always really liked working with computers, and this gives me an opportunity to do some organizational stuff there as well.  All in all, I'm really loving my new assignment!

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