Monday, December 12, 2016

Staying Busy, Staying Happy

Elder Wightman and Elder Excell
Hey everybody!

This last week has been great! There were a couple of things that happened that were pretty cool.

For one, in one of our exchanges last week, we exchanged with the Elders in the Kingman/Lake Havasu zone! This meant that I got to go back out-of-valley for a day to Lake Havasu City. A lot of the exchange was just drive time, but it was still really great. And best of all, the half way meeting point that we chose to meet at was Dolan Springs! It brought back so many memories to be able to revisit that place. I was almost on the verge of tears the whole time! I love Dolan Springs so much, value the time that I spent there so much, and can't wait for a chance to take friends and family with me some day to go and visit it! 

The other cool thing that happened this week is I had my first MLC as an assistant. It went really well! It was a shorter MLC than usual, and the main focus was presenting the 2017 mission vision to the mission leadership. We've been putting a lot of time into coming up with the 2017 mission vision, and it was cool to see everyone's reactions to it! I'm excited for the chance to work towards it! I won't mention it in this letter, because it's technically still top secret and hasn't been fully announced yet. Wouldn't want it getting leaked, haha.

In answer to some of your questions about Elder Wightman, he's from Rexburg, he came straight out of high school, he did a lot of track and field, he loves peanut butter, and he's one of the happiest people I know! He's always smiling, haha. Because of our assignment, he's really serious a lot of the time, but he's actually a huge goofball, so we get along great!
Mission Office
I've been really loving my time in the office! We have a lot on our plates, and we stay super busy, but we've still got time to proselyte, and we still find and teach a lot! This last week we revised the mileage budgets for the whole mission, went on two exchanges, prepared for and had MLC, had several meetings with President Snow about different things, and still had time for a bunch of Christmas miracles!

One of my favorites from this last week was finding Jaeleen. As you know, we're in a YSA ward, and sometimes it can be hard to find YSA investigators. We had an awesome miracle though! We were on our way to an appointment, and saw an older lady getting in her car. We stopped her quickly and asked if she would like missionaries to come by sometime. She said she was busy right now, but that we should go talk to her daughter. She told her daughter to come outside, and she ended up being YSA age and really interested! Now she'll be at church this Sunday! It was so cool because talking to someone, who we could have easily let drive away because they were in a hurry and not YSA age, led us to an amazing new investigator!

Well, that's all the time I have for today. Love you all!

Elder Excell

Our Apartment

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