Monday, November 9, 2015

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

This last week has been something I never thought I would say about Las Vegas: cold and wet! We had a massive rainstorm Wednesday night, complete with large amounts of hail! Luckily we were on our way to dinner, so we weren't out in it for long. It's officially sweater weather in Las Vegas once the sun goes down! It doesn't get much below 50, but my bloods already starting to thin out. I've become a wimp when it comes the cold!
I'll be staying with Elder Dixon in Haven for 5 more weeks! That's not a typo, 5. This transfer will be 5 weeks long, because if it was 6, we would be trying to fly people home on Christmas Eve, which would be crazy! The next transfer will be 7 weeks to make up for the difference.
A few shout outs in the pictures! 

Thanks to Grandma Hyde for the care package! I can confirm that it still looked like a pumpkin roll when it got here, but only lasted about 15 minutes between the two of us, haha. 
Also thanks to Grandma Excell who has sent me a real letter every week of the mission so far! 

Decided to snag a picture of the bassoon license plate, because it was unexpected to see it on the back of a muscle car, haha. 

Elder Dixon's house of cards! 

There's a Nielsens frozen custard here! Forgot to mention that, but missionaries get half off!

My Nevada Las Vegas Missionary tan line.  Haha.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I hope you'll accept that in this case.  I'm super short on time for this week, so I'll wrap it up there! 

As always thanks for your continued love and support!
Elder Excell

Q&A - 11/9/2015

1.) I'm curious to know what you do for exercise. Do you have a set routine that you do each day or do you change it up?  --We have a workout facility in the clubhouse of our apartment which is pretty nice!  I have a few different things that I like to do: Bench press, curls, pull ups, dips, etc.  Just your basic workout stuff.  I usually avoid doing leg workouts though, because I feel like I get enough of that the rest of the day, haha.  Reached a cool workout milestone this morning though!  When I got here I could barely bench press 100 pounds.  Now I can bench my own body weight several times!
2.) What is your favorite thing that you're studying right now?  --I'm working my way through the Isaiah chapters in 2nd nephi right now, and using the seminary study guides and using a lot of footnotes, and simultaneously reading the footnotes of the actual Isaiah chapters (they have a lot of helpful translations) and I'm really enjoying it! 
3.) How often do you go on splits?  --For a while we went on splits about once a week.  We've been doing it less though lately, and finding more productive ways to work with members!  Even though we're not on splits that often, we have members with us very frequently!
4.) My guess is that you'll address this in your email, but we are anxious to know if you know yet where you'll be next week or who you'll be serving with.  --I'll be staying in the Haven ward with Elder Dixon!  We're both really excited about it, especially with all of the new stuff happening in the area lately! 
5.) We had the missionaries in our home on Monday to help teach someone about Family Home Evening. Do you get to teach investigators in members homes very often?  --It's always a good thing to do, and we should do it more often, but we don't teach investigators in members homes too often.  That's something we're going to try to work on though!
6.) Just making sure that you still remember how much you are loved!!??!!  --Got it!!!! :)

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