Monday, November 23, 2015

Man of Few Words...

We have always known that Ty is a man of few words - this week, he was more so than ever. We received a response to our Q&A, got a short response to personal letters we sent, and got a few pictures, but no email letter.  Must've been a busy p-day...
Starstruck by Nashville Tribute Band!
Award-winning songwriter and Nashville record producer, not to mention former Nevada Las Vegas missionary, Jason Deere, regularly invites a revolving cast of talented artists and musicians that he calls the Nashville Tribute Band to join him in touring the world performing the stories and songs of the gospel.  Ty has had the opportunity to see them perform twice now in the time he has been serving as a missionary - once in the MTC, and most recently at a performance that was held at the Warm Springs Stake where the missionaries were invited to a special meet and greet performance.  He has always loved their music, so we know this has been a huge treat for our music loving missionary!! 

Snazzy new red pedals, and what's up with all the Duct Tape?  This bike cost way too much to have to be held together with Duct Tape already!  Hope it's just a fashion statement?!?
Q&A – 11/23/2015

1.) Do you have firm plans yet for Thanksgiving? I'm hoping you might get a bite of turkey somewhere! ;) And, it would help me to be able to picture where you might be spending your day. --We have a family we're scheduled to have dinner with, and several other invites, so it might end up that we eat thanksgiving dinner more than once that day!  Other than that, it'll be as normal a day of missionary work as we can make it.  We'll probably try to come up with a special thanksgiving message to share with people!

2.) Did you mean to share pictures last week with me? Because I didn't get them this time. You said something about pictures of snazzy new red pedals... --They should be sent now!  I didn't get around to it last week. And, you can see also a bit of our amazing experience with The Nashville Tribute Band too!

3.) What was your toughest trial this week? --There was a little bit of discouragment this last week, because we had 23 lessons scheduled, but taught only 3 of those scheduled lessons because people kept cancelling appointments.  I guess there are pros and cons to everyone having agency, ;)

4.) What was your biggest triumph this week? --We were able to set 2 more investigators with a baptismal date!  They're both very excited, and will be baptized on December 26.  Merry Christmas indeed!

 Normally I'm against decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but we found a box of stuff in the apartment and just couldn't help ourselves!

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