Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Broadcasts, Bands, Bikes & Blessings

We had another stake conference this last week! The week before was a regional broadcast for the southwest United States, and this week was the Warm Springs stake conference. It's definitely made trying to get investigators to come to church a little interesting! It's also made me think about how a lot of the things that are talked about in stake conference are focused in such a way that they're not always super applicable to missionaries, haha. Of course there's always something about the gospel you can apply to your life, but when they're focused on people going through normal day to day stuff, mission life isn't exactly what the comments seem to be geared towards.

I saw Nashville Tribute Band in concert again this Sunday! It's like they're following me or something! They happened to be performing at the stake center in our stake, so all the missionaries in that zone were invited! They really love missionaries, so we were even able to have a meet and greet with the band before the concert! We even got to sing one of their songs with the lead guy, Jason Deare, afterwards, which is pretty much every missionaries dream! I really love their concerts, and the testimony they bear through song!

Along with all of the problems with our bikes (described in the Q&A), we had a thought. Although we've had a lot of flat tires the last few weeks, we haven't had near as many as we should have, because the catch phrase of the transfer is quickly becoming "wow! That was a lot of glass!" It's just everywhere here! We picked out 5 or 6 pieces the night I had a flat, and all I had had was a slow leak all day! We are being blessed!

That's all the time I have today. I love you all and appreciate your continued support!

Q&A - 11/16/15

1.) Were you able to get your bike fixed last p-day? Is it working better?  -- That's actually an interesting story!  I got some Stylin new red pedals from our bishop last week! (Pics to follow if I can get decent wifi.)  I did however get a flat tire this last week, and we had to have a member give us an emergency ride to Walmart for a new tube. On Monday I picked up some new tires, because the ones I had were already really bald, and it was causing me to get a lot of flats, and while I was putting those tires on that night, the quick release on my front tire broke, and we had to go back to the bike shop the next day to replace it, and they also fixed my back tire which had been scraping on the frame for free!  All in all, an eventful week for bike maintenance!
2.) Are you still having lots of opportunities to teach?  --Lots of them! We're still staying very busy!
3.) What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Do all the missionaries get together or do you spend the day with a member family or do you get to spend it doing missionary work?   --Not really positive. There's no set thing to do, you just try to be as productive as you can. Probably visit a lot of members and share messages about being thankful.
4.) Have you been making use of the "Count Your Blessings" jar I sent? What are some of the blessings you've been reminded of?  --Unfortunately, we've been slacking on the blessings jar. We put one in first night, but haven't since, so now according to the jar, the only thing we're thankful for is that Elder Dixon wasn't hit by a car that day, haha.

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