Monday, September 7, 2015

Hoist us up by our ankles...

Not much time this week! The office at our apartment that we usually go to for email is closed for the holiday weekend, so all of my email is being sent via iPad from the stake center where we play zone sports. I'll still try to get a few things down though!

Funny experience for the week: we were teaching this big Samoan guy in the ghetto area, and he had just had a new security system installed.  We asked him if it did anything fancy like hoisting them up by their ankles, and he said, "nah, that's what I'm here for." It was SO funny, haha!

The biking has been really good lately. It's been keeping me in really good shape and now that it's starting to cool down its actually really enjoyable!

We had a really cool experience for this Sunday! One of our less active members has been having a REALLY hard time. This Sunday we fasted for her, and she had some amazing things happen to her! Her son is coming home from his mission at the end of the month, and she's been really nervous about it. But on Sunday out of the blue one of his mission companions called and asked if he could come by to talk. His dad came with him and it turns out that he knew our member friend from high school! It was just a really good day for her, and she hasn't had very many of those lately. It might not seem like much, but I know that it was a small miracle! Heavenly Father answers prayers!

I wish I could think of more to say, but this p day has been really crazy, and I'm running out of time! Maybe one of these weeks I'll actually have time to write a decent size letter!

Q&A – 9/7/15

1.) Does your iPad take pictures? -- Yes! I'll try and get some of the ones from off of the iPad to you today.

2.) Do you get our email when it's sent or not until Monday's? -- I get my email whenever I connect to wifi, but I usually try not to check it til p-day anyways so that I can stay focused.

3.) Do you get letters and packages through the week or only on Mondays? -- We pick up letters and packages from the mission office on Mondays, so that's also only once a week.

4.) We want to hear about your baptism on Thursday. Who was it? How old? How long have they been working with the missionaries? -- The baptism ended up falling through, :(. I'm not too depressed about it, but it was definitely sort of a stressful day. Long story short, we found out the night before the baptism that she's actually not married. She calls the guy her husband, wears a ring, has been with home for 20 years and has 3 kids, but they just don't know if they're right for each other. It's no ones fault really, just the previous elders made some false assumptions, and we weren't as careful as we should have been with checking it out. Still a little embarrassing for us and for her though to have to call off the baptism the night before when so many people were planning on coming.

5.) Do you spend time tracting each week or do you mostly work with referrals from ward members? --  We don't do any door to door tracting, but we talk to everyone on the street, and that's how we get most of our appointments. We also get a good number of member referrals and working with less actives.

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