Monday, July 17, 2017

Final Thoughts as a Full-Time Missionary

It's really strange thinking that this is the last email that I will write as a full-time missionary. I've been pondering a lot lately, and I wanted to do something I don't usually do: include an entry from my journal. This was from Friday night.

"I've been pondering a lot today. Starting tomorrow, I only have four days left in the mission field, and it's really made me think. As the
time grows shorter and shorter, I start to think about all of the things I'm going to miss. I even think of things, that at times, I haven't been very fond of, and feel really sentimental when I think about them being gone. It's really starting to sink in, and I'm realizing just how much I'm going to miss this place, these people, and this calling. It makes me really glad, that although I've made plenty of mistakes, and occasionally taken things for granted, by and large, I honestly believe that I've done the best I could, and thanks to the amazing gift of repentance, I can know that it's enough for Him. I think back to some of my previous areas, and how sad I was to leave them, and the fact that the Lord always had a place prepared for me with new lessons to learn and new people to love. I know the Lord will do it again. It doesn't make it easy to leave, but it does give me a lot of comfort. I've never been so torn in different directions, but I know that all of the blessings I've received and the changes that have taken place in myself, are only because I tried my best to follow God and be in the places he needed me to be.”

I'm grateful to everyone for all the support and prayers! They've been felt many times!

I love the gospel! I love this mission! I love the Lord! And I love all of you!

I'll see you soon!
Elder Excell

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