Monday, June 12, 2017

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Changes Lives

Teaching some cute kids!
Hey everybody!

This last week has been good! Especially church! We had all of our people who are set with a baptismal dates at church! And a bunch of
others besides! 8 people with a date, and 6 others! We have five upcoming baptisms in the next two weeks, and hopefully some others behind that. And all of our investigators loved church! I'll tell you about the ones who are supposed to be baptized soon.

Barber Excell giving Kyle a haircut
Katie and Kyle are age 11 and 12. Their mom is a less active member who has been trying to come back. They've all been coming to church for the last few weeks. I even cut Kyle's hair last week!   Kyle has a lot of OCD and ADHD, but ever since we started coming by, he's been a lot calmer. He used to compulsively swear sometimes, but now it almost never happens, and when it does, he just goes off to the side for a minute and prays and asks for forgiveness! He and his sister Katie should be getting baptized this Saturday.
The next investigator we're teaching is Katrina. She's 19, and is dating one of the members of our ward. The family is one of our favorite families in the ward, and they've done an awesome job fellowshipping her! She's been reading in the Book of Mormon a lot. I think she's about to finish Mosiah. She's a great example of someone who completely made her own decision just because of the things she felt when she was around the family and the answers she got through prayer.

Surprise Text Message Greeting from another
awesome member in Las Vegas -
"Thanks for sharing these wonderful missionaries
with us!"
Then Susie and her son Demarius are also getting baptized on the 24th. They've been doing an awesome job of preparing themselves! Susie basically just showed up at church and said she wanted to be baptized! She and her son ended up staying up until 2 in the morning the other day studying the scriptures. She's been through a lot, but is super determined!

It’s so great to see the changes that are happening in the lives of all these people because of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I hope you're all doing well!
I'm loving the work!
God bless!
Elder Excell

P.S. I got my travel plans today! I'll be home before you know it!
"It's a Cooker!" -- part 2 -- Again!
Q&A -- 06/12/2017
1.)  I'm curious what kinds of things are in your "my plan" for post-mission. -- There are six sections. Remember and become; my plan; continuing Discipleship; self reliance; dating and marriage; and I don't remember the last section. I also had my departing council with President Snow this last week! Me and Elders Holmes, Aitchison, and a few others were there. He gave us a ton of great advice! I'll have to tell you all about it once I'm back home!

2.)  I'd love an update on the refugee families you've been working with. Do you still see them regularly? Do they come to church? -- We still see them quite a bit. And we found a Swahili translator this last week! He's a recent convert from a neighboring stake. He came to a lesson and it was great!

3.)  What fun thing will you be doing today for p-day?  --  We went to a nearby mall and checked out some stuff!

4.)  I haven't heard you mention playing the piano for a long time. Do you still get the chance to do that occasionally?  --  I get to most p days! I've got more time than I know what to do with now that I don't have so many meetings on Mondays, so I had to find something!

5.)  What are you looking forward to this week?  --  Katie and Kyle's baptism!
One of our dinner appointments last week spent
about 30 minutes explaining to us how Nephite
currency was the predecessor of binary code.  Haha!

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