Monday, June 26, 2017


Katrina's Baptism! And this is the family that fellowshipped her: the Simons

Hey everybody!

This last week has been crazy! On Tuesday, I went to the temple for the last time and went to departing testimony meeting! Normally you would do that the day before you fly out, but since I'm leaving part way through the transfer, I did it with the previous group! It was an awesome experience being able to reflect over my mission in the temple, and I felt a lot of peace while I was there. 

I also saw President Snow for the last time before he goes home! There was a "Why I Believe" fireside this weekend, and I saw them there. It's so strange! Can't believe their time in the Nevada Las Vegas mission is at an end, and mine is just around the corner.

We're still seeing lots of miracles! I love all of you!

Elder Excell

P.S.  Not a lot of time today but sending lots of pictures.
Susie and Demiris's baptism!
Nevada Las Vegas Mission Presidency

Q&A -- 06/26/2017
1.) How will you be spending your P-day? -- The usual. Email. Basketball. Etc. :)

2.) Is there a special farewell party planned for the Snows? Don't they leave this week? -- Nothing crazy, haha. They'll leave on Friday right after they pick the new mission president and his wife up at the airport.

3.) Have you met your new mission president yet? -- Not yet. Soon!

4.) What was the best moment of this last week? -- Departing temple and testimony!

Elder Holmes and I found an MRE this week, and made it up for lunch!
"How do two missionaries of average intelligence figure out how
to turn this into a beef taco?" Haha!

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