Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Teaching Refugees

Hey everybody!

This last week has been a good one! There was a 6 zone conference, which meant I saw just about everyone in the mission! It was really good to see so many old friends, but weird that for more and more of them, it's the last time I'll see them in the mission.

As I start to settle into more of a routine, it's becoming a bit harder to know what to write again.  I do want to tell you about my favorite highlight though. 

This last week, we finally got a translator to come with us to the family of African refugees! It was actually a member from Robindale that I was able to get hold of who went to West Africa on his mission. The lesson was super cool, because we started to also teach a new family of 8, in addition to the family of 6 we've been teaching.  The lesson was partly us teaching and Paul translating, partly Paul teaching, and the best part - the dad from the family we've been teaching testifying to the other family about how important it is to go to church.  It was awesome!  

I love you all!
Elder Excell

Our new favorite Mexican hamburger place -
we can do our laundry while we wait for food!
Now that's convenience!

Q&A -- 04/24/2017

1.) Do you feel safe tracting in your new area? Are you pretty careful about sticking to safer areas after dark? Sorry, had to ask… ;)  --  Yes, we make sure we're safe, and I feel very protected, :)

2.) How are things going with Elder Holmes?  --  Really well!  He's actually a really great missionary, and we've
been seeing a ton of success.

3.) Is it true that you are the DL over a Spanish speaking area? I think I remember Dad saying something about that. I'm curious what challenges you face in a situation like that where you weren't called to be a Spanish speaking elder.  --  Yeah! It's really not that weird, just means I go on more exchanges where I don't know what people are saying, haha.

4.) What was your biggest success of the week?  --  17 people at church this week! We're slowly climbing!
Elder Holmes with a Tupac impersonator

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