Monday, March 13, 2017

Busy Week of Zone Conferences

Hey everybody!
Me and Elder Foiles in the office

Sorry it's been a little while since I've gotten a letter off, the last few weeks have been crazy! This last week we did all of our zone conferences for the transfer! There are 7 zones in the mission, but we only did 3 zone conferences: a Vegas north, Vegas south, and out of valley conference. There was a lot of travel involved, and some long days, but it was still a lot of fun! But it did mean that we only got about 3 hours to proselyte in our area most days last week. But that was still plenty of time for us to see some huge miracles!

We had 3 amazing people at church on Sunday. The first one is Tristen, who I may have mentioned before, I can't remember...  He was a member referral, and is really motivated to get baptized! He's still trying to talk to his family about it, but he's so ready! He keeps saying how he wants to read the Book of Mormon every day, because it's a promise he made to God when he found out it was true!

Another person who came is Eric. He comes almost every Sunday, and has been investigating for about 9 months. His dad isn't a member, but his step mom is, so he decided to start learning about it. He has mild autism, but is really high functioning. He understands everyone really well, but it just takes some time and repetition for him to be able to understand concepts. Anyways, we were talking to him this last Sunday, and he made a big announcement: after 9 months he finally feels ready to be baptized! And he talked to his parents about it, and they both support the decision! I've grown to love Eric a lot since I've come to this area, and it's so exciting to have seen him learn about the gospel and finally feel ready to make that promise with his Heavenly Father!

Me, Elder Branning (who goes home in a
few weeks), and Elder VanSlyke at a
zone conference.
The third person's name is Api. He's a big Polynesian guy.  He was investigating in the family ward recently, because a lot of his family are members, and he was going to church with them. The sisters finally convinced him that he would be able to progress better in a YSA ward. He was kind of reluctant and didn't trust Elder Foiles and I at first, or really want to come to YSA, but we had a great member at the lesson with us, and that member picked him up for church on Sunday. And then he found an even better fellowshipper at church! We have a recent convert who got baptized just before I got into the area named Cameron, who comes from kind of a rough background and really had to work on some things in order to get baptized, but now he's an amazing member of the church! He even got to bless the sacrament for the first time this last Sunday. But he and Api were swapping stories about their crazy street days, and then Cameron mentioned that he "makes music for Christ." We were thinking Api might think it was a little weird, but then he said he liked to rap also! haha. So then we had our recent convert Cameron and this big Polynesian guy covered in tattoos start rapping in the middle of the church foyer after 3rd hour! It was hilarious, haha. And in addition to that, our Bishop (Bishop Tuke) helped to answer a lot of Api's questions about the Plan of Salvation in Sunday School, so now Api feels totally welcome and at home in our ward, and is going to be baptized in April!

We've met so many cool people lately and seen so many miracles! This next week we don't have any meetings, but we have 3 exchanges planned, so it will be a little less crazy, but not much!

I love you all, and am so grateful for all of the support! 
Elder Excell

There are these cool trees that have been blossoming all over Vegas! I don't know what they are, but they're really pretty! Springtime at the end of February!
1.) We're curious what prompted the request for a booklight? -- I guess the simple answer is that another elder had one and it seemed like a good idea, haha. I mentioned a few weeks ago how I sometimes don't get as much time to study the scriptures as I would like since being in the office. But I've made a commitment to myself that even in the days when I don't get time to study, I don't want to go a day without studying at least a little, so I wanted the light so I can at least read a chapter or two in bed before I go to sleep, and not have to get up to turn off the lights, haha.
2.) How did MLC go last week?  What are your responsibilities during something like that? -- There were a couple of crazy things, but overall it was pretty good! My responsibilities are to make sure everything about the meeting runs smoothly - which is a big task when it comes to organizing a meeting that big with that many moving parts.
3.) What is your favorite treat these days?  What do you crave? -- I'm trying pretty hard not to crave anything, haha. I'm now in the time period that missionaries refer to as "6 months to sexy". Haha. I need to try and start shaving off some mission weight!
The transfer van.  We call her Big Mama.

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