Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Hey everybody!
Enjoying our Valentine cookies
from the Achievement Day girls

We've seen some awesome miracles this last week! There are tons of people popping up who are super prepared for the gospel! In fact, we had a miracle baptism pop up for this next Saturday! His name is Alex. Long story short, he's 30, and was trying to take the MCAT, but had procrastinated and there were no slots left in Vegas. So, he traveled up to good old Orem, Utah to take it, because that was the nearest place that still had available slots. While he was there, he just felt a lot of good vibes from the people and wanted to know more, so he went on Mormon.org and requested some missionaries to come by! Some sister missionaries went to check in on him, and he was so ready for the gospel! They taught him for about 2 weeks. They had told him about a ward for people from age 18-30, but he figured since he was going to age out in a few months anyways, it wasn't worth it, and he decided to just go to the family ward. But then, two weeks down the road, he found out that it was also a singles ward, and he's really looking to find someone! Haha. So we got a call from the sisters, letting us know that they had someone to refer to us who is getting baptized in about a week, who already has a baptismal program set up and was excited to be baptized! We've met with him a couple of times since then, and he's awesome! He's a really cool guy, and he's going to be a great addition to the ward! Heavenly Father is blessing us with so many miracles!

Next week is transfer week, which is crazy. It seems like this transfer just started, but it's already almost over! I've already got some ideas about what the next transfer might hold, because of how closely we work with President Snow, but I'll hold off on making any
announcements until we know for sure.

That's about all I've got time for this week. Thanks for all of your continued love and support! I love all of you!

Elder Excell

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