Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Not Enough Hours in a Day

Hey everybody! 

I'm loving it up in number one north! That's what we've been calling the north zone! It's really great up here! 

This weeks letter will have to be really short, because it's been so crazy! Hopefully next week will be better. 

I love the new ward! The members are great. We've already received some great support from them! 

Our apartment is definitely a little run down, but not too bad! We did come in after the double transfer with very little food though, haha. The cookies I received in my package last week became a staple food item! Thanks Ma!  It's all better now that we've had a chance to shop though. 

We have a lot of great investigators, and a lot of baptisms that should be coming up soon! 

Sorry this is so short! I love you all, and hope that you're doing well!
Elder Excell

Q&A - 08/01/2016
1.) Excited to hear about your new area!  -- I love my new area! It's definitely different from Green Valley! It's very poor, and for the first time in my life, I'm a minority! It's very heavily populated by African Americans and Hispanics. And it's pretty ghetto! There are lots of humble people here though! 

2.) What are your responsibilities as a zone leader? --There are a lot of them! Just so far this last week I've had
several zone leadership meetings, been to a stake level council to
plan a missionary family history event, attended 3 different district
councils, put lots of thought, discussion, follow up with the district
leaders, etc. into what the zone needs to be successful, and more!
Life's crazy! Even pday! We've had a bunch of extra stuff to do
today, hence the short letter, but hopefully it will be better next

3.) With these new responsibilities, do you find the time to teach near as much as you have before?  -- We still find time to teach! We just have to be really effective
with our time. Even though this last week was crazy with the double
transfer, we still taught 11 member present lessons, 17 other lessons,
and found 10 new investigators! We stay really busy! 

4.) Do you still have a car to drive? -- We still have a car. 

5.) Do you use your bike very much anymore? Are you able to store it inside your apartment to keep it safe? -- Not really, but you never know when I'll be sent back to a biking area! 

6.) What is your favorite thing about your new companion? -- Lots of things! He's really funny, does great impressions, is a
great missionary, and has already taught me a ton! I'm so happy to be
with him!
Hey Pops! I just noticed that our apartment has a Raiders toaster 
that makes Raiders Toast! It make me think of you!
Look how good Elder Excell is at making "donkey" eggs! He's learning to cook like a pro!

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