Monday, January 4, 2016

Missing Letter?

We are wondering if Ty lost internet connection partway through his time today.  We received some answers to our Q&A and a funny video of the roads they have the chance to travel every day in their area, but not our expected letter.  We will be mostly content with this for now, I guess, but look forward to more next week!

This video isn't playing very reliably on mobile devices but works well on most computers. He said this would give us an idea of the roads that he travels everyday.  There is only one paved road in his area.

Q&A - 1/4/2016

1.) Were you able to do anything out of the norm on Thursday to celebrate your birthday?? --Nothing major, but you know me.  I've never been much for making a big deal out of birthdays. Haha.

2.) What do you do in the branch on Sunday's? Do you get to play the organ or help teach lessons or anything? I was just wondering if the branch is small enough that they use your help.  --If the main organist is gone, I've been told I'll have to sub, but nothing major yet, haha.  There have been a couple of times where we almost ended up teaching primary or young men/women, but keep getting saved at the last minute, haha.

3.) What was your funniest moment of the week?  --There have been a lot of funny moments, haha.  Really just dealing with members in general.  They're all older, and have tons of funny stories. 

4.) What was your best teaching moment of the week?  --We watched "Finding Faith in Christ" with a member family and some investigators.  The spirit was really strong. I just hope the people we're teaching felt it as much as we did.

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