Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm Alive! Just a Delayed P-Day!

Elder Dixon wearing the tie I just finished knitting for him!

It's crazy to think that it's already almost the end of another transfer!  At the beginning of February, I'll have been out for 6 months!

This last week has been crazy!  First off, obviously I'm writing on a Tuesday this week. Our p-day was moved to today because of a big mission conference up in Vegas yesterday!  Elder Lawrence E Corbridge came and spoke to us. It was really great to listen to him, as well as to see all of the other missionaries! Also, Elder Andersen and I had 2 different exchanges this last week!  One with our district leader, Elder Butcher, and another with the zone leaders. Both were really cool experiences!  

On the exchange with the zone leaders I had something really cool happen! We walked up to this house and there was a lady inside just screaming and cussing at everyone and everything. We weren't sure whether or not we should even knock, but we knocked anyways. She answered the door, and basically broke down crying. She told us all about how she was so stressed out because of everything that was going on, and was so glad that we stopped by because she felt so much peace when we did, and we stopped her from doing some things she would have really regretted. It's awesome to know that Heavenly Father will help us to be where we need to be at all times if we let him guide us. 
Thanks to everyone for your continued love and support!

Elder Excell

Q&A - 1/26/16
1.) If I'm not mistaken, transfers are next week, right? Will I still be ok to send a package this week to your Dolan address? I was told I could only use it for a limited time...  -- You are correct. Should be ok to send it to Dolan. I'm fairly sure I'll still be here. If you're unsure though, just send it to the mission office and they'll forward it.
2.) Did you get my most recent package? It had a Christmas gift from Bren and Cass but I can't remember what else. Either my memory is bad or my packages are boring. Not sure which is the better option. ;) -- Got it! Excellent cookies as usual!  Just a note for the future, I actually don't eat that much candy, but if you ever have any granola bars or things like that, they'd probably get eaten a lot faster! Trying to keep in shape, haha.
3.) Have you heard anything about transfers? Are you hoping to stay in Dolan? -- Nothing for sure, but I'm guessing I'll stay and Elder Andersen will be moving on.
4.) Are you healthy? -- Yes!
5.) Are you happy? -- Yes!
6.) What was your best teaching moment of the week? -- We set a baptismal date with a couple we've been working with!! 

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