Monday, July 18, 2016

It's a Cooker! 114 Degrees in the Shade!

Hey everybody!

The Pocatello crowd at Black Mountain/
Green Valley zone conference!

This last week has been pretty crazy! Again! It included: zone conference, a trip to the temple, exchanges with the zone leaders, a member missionary night put on by the sisters in our district, and other crazy stuff as well!

Zone conference was really good! President talked about how, although our mission is doing really well compared to other missions, it's still not doing as well as it has in the past. We talked about some things that we need to change to be as successful as possible in the work of the Lord! We also heard testimonies from all of the missionaries that will be going home this transfer. There's a really big group of missionaries going home soon, so even just in our zone there were quite a few. It's always interesting to hear the thoughts of people who are near the end of their mission. It's given me some new determination to really make the best of my time out here!

Elder Leakehe and Elder Excell - 
A much needed day to "dust off" at the temple!
Our trip to the temple was amazing as well! I like to compare the feeling of going to the temple with dusting. If you think of a shelf that has some knickknacks on it, over time, dust naturally settles on the shelf and the knickknacks. Although it's incredibly gradual, eventually the shelf becomes more and more dusty, and you're less able to make out the things on it clearly. Going to the temple is kind of like dusting. Over the weeks, my mind and soul just start to feel "dusty". It feels like all of the stress and worries of the world start to cover up the things that are really important. But going to the temple is is like cleaning all of that off so you can see things clearly again! I definitely needed it!

There was nothing too super eventful about exchanges. I was with Elder Risk, and we had a good time! I really admire how much he loves the people he serves and the people he serves around. I hope to be able to have more love towards everyone!

Temple trip!!
Also, the sisters had a member missionary night this week. They've been struggling with getting support from members, and wanted to have a night to get everyone excited about missionary work. They asked us to help out since one of our wards shares the building with their two wards, and they wanted to get everyone involved. It definitely started off a little slow, with only one person showing up on time, but thanks to some late arrivals, it turned out alright! The sisters did a great job of putting it together!

Thanks you so much for all of your love! I miss you all!
Elder Excell

Q&A - 07/18/2016
1.) Last we heard, you were struggling to get hold of Malik. Have you been able to make contact with him again? How is he doing? --Still no luck. We finally got ahold of his grandma that he was living with, and she was able to tell us a little bit of what happened. Apparently Malik's parents are divorced, and are both trying to convince him to live with them, but he really just wants to stay with his grandma. Anyway, apparently he's staying in a hotel somewhere else in Vegas with his dad right now, and we got his dad's number, so we're going to try to contact him that way since his phone isn't working.

2.) Also, an update on Nadiya and Jennifer, please. --Nadiya is being baptized this Saturday! Jennifer still has some reservations, so she won't make this Saturday, but she's been really feeling the spirit lately, and we think that she probably won't be far behind Nadiya! Especially with the undoubtable spirit she'll feel at Nadiya's baptism.

(Inside joke from the infamous Farming Game -
and Ty says this in the best farmer voice ever!
It's funny how a single phrase can make me 
smile, yet really miss this guy in a crazy
serious way!)
3.) I've also been wondering about Elder Leaheke - has he been feeling better since his episode of losing his vision? Hope all is well with him! Tell him I've been worried about him. :) --He's doing fine!

Random Crazy of the Week:  I've seen the nonsense surrounding Pokemon Go this week! It's so funny to see! There are actually a lot of missionaries who are capitalizing on all the people who are outside to take the chance to talk to them. Haha!

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