Monday, June 20, 2016

New, New, New

Hey everybody!

Well, my new area couldn't be more different from the old one, but I still love it! Dolan had older people, Green Valley has 20 year old newlyweds going to medical school. (That actually makes up a big part of one of our wards.) Dolan was pretty poor, this area is super rich. Dolan was a small branch, now we're covering two huge wards. The list goes on and on! 

We had a crazy thing happen this last week! The sisters in our district were in a car accident! They're both ok. They hit a curb going pretty quickly, and their tire burst. Then they tried to put the spare on, and didn't quite get the e-brake set, so once they had the tire off, the car rolled off the jack. This meant that Elder Leakehe and I came to the rescue! Thankfully, I now have a really big Polynesian companion who could lift the car while I put the jack back under! We got it all sorted eventually, and everyone came out of it ok. 

Well, that's about all I have time for this week - still trying to get settled in a new area, but I love you all!

Elder Excell

Q&A - 06/20/2016
1.) How is the heat in your new area affecting you? -- I'm definitely sweating plenty. Thankfully we have a car, so I think I'll survive! 

2.) Are you back to riding a bike? -- Car! 

3.) Tell us about your new companion.  -- Elder Leakehe (lay-a-Kay-hay) is awesome! He's a really hard worker, is happy all the time, is really funny, and is really good at beat-boxing! 

4.) How many wards are you assigned to work with? -- We cover the Castleridge and Shadow Canyon wards.

5.) We'd love to see pictures of your new apartment and hear all about it. -- We live in Henderson, so it's all really posh! Especially compared to Dolan Springs. I'll try to send some pics for next week.

6.) How are you feeling about your new area? -- I really love my new area! Obviously I'm not going to love it in the same way that I loved Dolan Springs on my first week here, but I think I might someday if I'm here for a while. The members are really awesome! And there's so many of them! Henderson is about the same member density as Idaho and Utah. There are lots of awesome people in this area too! We already found 10 new investigators just this week, and one of them is super golden and going to be baptized on July 16th!  His name is Malik.

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