Monday, August 24, 2015

First P-Day in the Field

Well, I survived the first weekend of Las Vegas!  I already love my mission and all of the people I've met!  I'll try to zoom through a couple of highlights so that I have more time to email individuals!

We flew in from Salt Lake on wednesday, which was a little chaotic, but everyone survived!  then all of the new missionaries went to President and Sister Snow's house to do a little bit of orientation kind of stuff, and get interviewed by president snow.  it took most of the day.  (I've decided to abandon grammar and capitalization in the interest of time.  Don't judge me. :) )  

after that we went to the mission office and met our new companions!  My new companion is Elder Wihongi.  He's a really great guy! (see Q and A for additional details.)  Since then it's just been teaching the gospel from dawn til dusk!  

I was a little bummed, because the suit pants from my suit that Cass gave me from China ripped right down the seat seam when i was getting into a car!  It should be easy enough to fix though, so hopefully i can find a good seamstress in the ward!  

We eat dinners with a member family pretty much every night here.  We're super blessed with amazing members who are willing to feed us and come out teaching with us!  most of them are pretty good cooks too!  

I always associated being saddle sore with riding horses, but i can now confirm, thanks to hours of intensive bike riding, that it is not horse exclusive!  fingers crossed that I'll get used to it soon.  

apparently down here, no one trusts the tap water, so everyone drinks bottled water.  I've always resented bottled water, but i'll play it safe for now.  Maybe I'll try to pick up one of those filtered water bottles soon.  

I really don't have time for much more than this for now, but hopefully next week I'll have a little more time and I'll include some of the things that I didn't have time to write this week.

Until next week...
Love, Elder Excell

Q&A - 8/24/2015

1.)  Tell us about your new companion.  Where is he from and what is something that you really like about him?  ---My new companions name is Elder Wihongi!  He's originally from New Zealand, but he's been living in Wisconsin for a while!  He's on his final transfer, so there's definitely some circle of life stuff happening, haha.  He's a really awesome guy, and a really hard worker!  I think you already have pictures of him from Sis. Hudman, so maybe you could post those, since i haven't taken any yet!

2.)  What area are you serving in?  Tell us how many wards or stakes or what kind of geographical area it covers.  ---I'm serving in the Warm Springs Stake, Haven Ward!  I already really love the people, and everyone is so amazingly nice and welcoming!   I'm definitely in one of the richer parts of las vegas for this transfer, so you don't have to worry about me being in the ghetto yet!   Although, my companion tells me there are definitely some areas that are a little sketchy after 9 PM.

3.)  Was your bike waiting for you when you arrived and how do you feel about it?  ---The bike was waiting for me.  It's a really nice bike!  It's going to have some hard miles put on it in the next couple of years, but it seems like it's up to the challenge!  I only hope that I am!

4.)  Have you received your iPad yet? (Elder Excell is serving in an area that uses iPads for the missionaries.  Not every area does this.)  ---No iPad yet.  They should give them out fairly soon though.  They distribute them at district meetings instead of right when you get there, so as to minimize confusion.  We have another district meeting on Wednesday though, so fingers crossed for then!

5.)  Best moment so far in Las Vegas?  ---To be included in next week's letter for time purposes!

6.)  Are you happy?  ---I'm super happy!  I love the work, the people, and I'm even getting used to the heat!  105 is a cool day down here right now, and it hasn't really gotten much over 110, so I've been lucky weather wise! (so i've been told, haha)

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